Our performance repertoire includes private and corporate functions, weddings, festivals, tv and theatre


We perform a wide variety of styles:
Raqs Sharqi (Oriental dance)
Raqs al Assaya (Cane dance)
Raqs al Hawanem (Ladies dance)
Raqs Eskinderani (Alexandria dance)


Available with or without live musicians and we can travel for your special engagement


"Pure Oriental" performance in Athens, Greece


This is what audiences are saying about Sisi Hanem Egyptian Music and Dance Academy:

“Your costumes and music travel our minds to the classic Egypt with the Great Musicians and Dancers. I felt I was transported to the same place with Najwa Fouad or Nadia Gamal. It was really romantic and nostalgic.”

“This is the real Oriental dance, you don’t need to see anything else. Fantastic!”

“We have never seen a drum solo like that, the communication between the drummer and dancer was right on the dot.”

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