Welcoming students, teachers, professionals, historians, researchers and lovers of Egyptian dance
and music to this new site.

We are the Sisi Hanem Egyptian Music and Dance Academy, a unique resource site for all those interested in the art of Egyptian dance and music. Founded by Sotiria Patsiou and Mohamed Sadek, we aim to present Egyptian dance and music with the traditional integrity and artistic flair of its roots.

Mohamed Sadek, Music and Percussion Director is the lead percussionist of the duo, with over 30 years of experience working internationally and holding a BA from The Conservatory of Arabic Music in Cairo, Egypt. Throughout his career, he has directed several music ensembles across Canada, produced cds, videos and theatre shows and is known and respected worldwide for his expertise on the Egyptian tabla. Mohamed is a Master Egyptian Teacher and is currently compiling the educational series of this website.

Sotiria Patsiou is the Artistic Director and solo dancer, known for her exceptional free style of dancing. Her graceful, fluid and lyrical dance movements emanate the joy and love she feels for this dance. She has studied and researched in Egypt and Greece with several Master Egyptian Teachers and continues to research Ancient Greek and Egyptian dance styles. Sotiria is the principal dance teacher of the academy.

Together we strive to educate and entertain students and audiences with the true spirit of Egyptian dance and music.